21 abril, 2024

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It is not always like this, sometimes there are exceptionally talented parents whose children do not know how to do anything, although this is not the case for the children of the multi-awarded filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, who has led them through the road of success since they were small.

Jonás, Bu and Olmo Cuarón are this director’s three children who inherited their father’s artistic vein and have little by little shown that they have their own talents, nourished by families in which creativity is always on the table.

Jonás Cuarón is the oldest of Alfonso’s children, fully dedicated to filmmaking and a career that he is consolidating, so much so that his work has been shown in important festivals and next to many celebrities.

It is important to point out that Jonás is the grandson of the writer Salvador Elizondo, so he comes from a family where creating comes naturally.

Tess Bu Cuarón is the girl of the clan, a celebrity for her artistic talents, her taste for fashion and the interesting life she shows in social media. She plays the piano, sings, and paints so it is quite possible that she will dedicate her life to be a creative, just like her father.

Olmo Cuarón is only 17 years old, but he is already known in social media from his YouTube channel in which he has shown his creations in the field of digital animation. He is also interested in music, so he is an artist in the full sense of the word, just like his siblings and his famous father.

Below is the link to his channel where we can see why we will surely hear of the name Olmo Cuarón in upcoming years. Without a doubt he is headed to working in the film industry.


This case shows us how becoming an artist is closely related to the family we are born in, but it also depends on the work, inspiration, and arduous work we put in what we wish to accomplish. Without a doubt, Cuarón’s children were born with it; however, each one has done their own thing to stand out in what they like.

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